LUV4wrd is a social network where you post the things you love to support causes you love.

Our current charity is Mercy Care. Mercy Care provides exceptional medical care regardless of insurance or income status. FLIP burger boutique is the sponsor of post on LUV4wrd. Each post a homeless person will receive warm socks, gloves or a coat. Other charities and causes coming soon!

Click here to learn about the 44 Days of LUV to Help the Homeless

What some of our users have to say about LUV4wrd:

  • “LUV4wrd allows people to give back to causes that are important to people and keeps it positive unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.” – Florida State University Student
  • “I’ve used the app every day; it’s very simple to use and I love it when an action of the day includes motivational quotes. One day I was stressed about a big exam and took a study break to read all the quotes. It was uplifting and inspiring” – Atlanta High School Student

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*** thanks to FLIP burger boutique for donating items for up to 7,000 homeless people.

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