About Us

Who we are

We’re people who believe that a single act of love can have a ripple effect that truly makes a difference in the world.

Why we created LUV4wrd

Right now, inspiring moments of love are being shared all over social media – but they are mixed in with news, views and reviews that frankly can feel negative. LUV4wrd provides a dedicated forum for people to share more positive, uplifting messages that express who they are … because that’s what LUV means – Living Ur Values.

How it works

Users share their LUV in a written post, photo or video with other LUV4wrd users and through their social networks, and can TAG other LUV4wrd users to create and share their own LUV. A TAG has special meaning, too – Together Actions Grow – because one TAG can inspire other TAGS and turn into many moments of love.

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